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29 April 2010 @ 09:10 pm
I've been in stuck in the mire when it comes to posting here/updating ANYWHERE. Not sure why. I am Artax and the internet is the Swamp of Sadness.*


There is good stuff, though! When I left for work this morning, the area between the tool shed and the wood pile was a mass of tumbled rock and concrete overgrown with thorns. When I came home at noon, it had been transformed:



Our landscaping/tree guy (We have one of those now! He's awesomely bearded and professes to love 'playing in the dirt') decided to fuss about with what was at hand.** There's a raised bed ready for planting. Sadly, I'm a terrible gardener. I'll be soliciting advice as to what/how to plant. In case you want to start mulling: it's well drained, rich soil. Mostly shade. Fussy plants need not apply.

*In case you were wondering, that scene still makes me weepy. It also makes me wince at how hard Atreyu's pulling on the bit. ouch!

**this was above and beyond what he'd billed us for; he saw an opportunity and couldn't bear to let it pass.
plainandbonnyplainandbonny on April 30th, 2010 05:43 am (UTC)
it's beautiful! And just waiting for some low-maintenance perennial bulbs that live freaking forever. My mom is a great gardener. I don't think she's replaced her crocuses, (croci?), hyacinths, daffodills, tulips, day lilies, and chrysanthemums in YEARS. And they all bloom at different times!