Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

We just kicked off the Six Week Challenge at my gym: six weeks 'til Memorial Day, six weeks to buckle down and try to get summer/tank-top-and-shorts fit. Each participant received a body fat reading and went through a series of timed drills. Come the end of May, we'll record the new results and see who's made the most improvement in a variety of areas.

The participants were, for the first time, divided into teams. My sweetie's team in particular thoroughly embraced this idea: they exchanged email addresses, promised to send each other encouraging notes and make arrangements to take classes together. They also set specific weight loss goals (specifically, and rather reasonably for this group: a third of the amount needed to reach their target weight).

I'm working solo, so I've set my own goals. Here goes: My beginning numbers are as follows: weight - 136 lbs, body fat percentage - 25%, BMI - 21.3.

That's all okay, but only just. Ultimately, I'd like to get my weight down to 125(ish), and drop the body fat to 20%. Frankly, I'd like both of those lower. I'm not a 23 year old with an off-the-charts metabolism anymore, though, so I think the goals I've set are reasonable.

So. In the next six weeks, I'm going to try to drop to 131(ish). Not sure how quickly I can whittle down the body fat, so let's say two percentage points. Maybe.

I'd swear my resolve to take class more often, but every time I do I end up having to teach a lot more and end up thoroughly knackered. And did I mention my shoulder injury has once again made its presence known? Eh. I'll muddle along best I can.

I can, and will, be more mindful of what I'm cooking and what I'm eating. I will certainly revisit portion sizes.

Aaaaand.... we're off!
Tags: 6 week challenge, fitness
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