Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

You can take the girl out of the bookstore, but you can’t keep the girl from sneaking books in and rearranging her shelves so it looks as if she hasn’t bought far more than she can possibly read within a reasonable period of time.

I meant to dive into a full accounting of the books I have on hand, but I just don’t have time to sort through the ridiculous number of tomes in my attic. Let us take a look, instead, at what’s filling the shelves in my wonky, tilty office.

It’s probably best to start with my ‘have been read’ shelves. Don’t think that this contains the only books dear to my heart; rather, it holds those I’ve recently read and loved and/or those NOT packed away in boxes awaiting the day I have a handsome, sprawling manor with a library of my very own.

Apologies for the blur. Still, there’s plenty to be seen: the Etruscan horse carving. The Susan Death sickle. My joust helm. The entirety of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. The LotR box set.


Next shelf; still blurry. If we're being honest there, though, half the fun is in ‘try to spot the title!’


Likewise here:


Blurry shot of one half of a shelf:


...and the other:


Then there’s this. Note the stack on the left hand side. I've duplicate copies of several MWT books. Why, you might ask? Because I'm likely to give a set to YOU. Then you will be hooked, and you will know the awesome that is Gen. Moving on...


Um... what’s up with this veritable HEAP of unorganized books? Is it a sign of my inability to manage the books I have at hand? Or does this bode another massive book giveaway in the coming months?


Dammit! I forgot to take pictures of my TBR shelves...

... or did I?

More pics tomorrow. Fair warning to non-book geeks: just walk on by.
Tags: book geekery, house stuff
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