Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

It's rainy and dreary and springy all at once. What does this mean? Old injuries ache, I am in a wee bit of a funk and my newly developed allergies are asserting themselves, but good.

I taught tonight, I am teaching early tomorrow morning and I am taking class (hopefully!) with tomincloset tomorrow evening. What does this mean? I'm sore, I'm weary, yet I'm determined to get myself back into working out for me, for my own fitness, and not just while instructing.

There's more I'm inclined to grumble about, but I'm just weary enough that any grumbling would turn vile, ugly, and - quite possibly - personal. Fortunately Esme is reminding me that she is a KITTY with a BELLY that ought to be FULL OF FOOD. It is nigh on impossible to be thunder-grumbly when a one-eyed kitty chirps at you.

And for no other reason than I think this picture is adorable:


p.s. note to self: don't forget to post about the mice.
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