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the good and the bad

The bad: -I just gave blood and my arm is stinging like a sonofabitch. What gives, I ask you?
-Once again, there were no cookies.

The good: -I managed not to cry while donating blood. I didn't even whimper or feel ill. (for anyone who doesn't know this, I am NOT GOOD where needles are concerned... and I really only cried the first time I donated. It was horrifically embarassing.)
-The blood bank didn't have cookies. Since I can't work out post-donation, I'm counting this one as a silver lining.
-Closing costs will be a little bit lower than anticipated.
-We didn't have to pay for a new survey of the property.
-Our property taxes are going to be lower than originally estimated. A good amount lower.
-The whole-wheat veggie lasagna I made last night was really good.
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