Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Rehearsal was fun. We got a new song on its feet, worked on some new-ish music, and revisited a few older tunes for the benefit of stunt guitarist Rick, AKA the slumming Crimson Pirate.*

One of my favorite things about having rehearsal at our house - aside from the fact that it forces me to get my house in "company's coming" order - is the chance to cook for a small crowd. This week was mad, though, and I had no time to plan or prep and so I fell back on the trusty and reliable. I confess I felt guilty that I had made chicken and white bean chili yet again, but A: it really is quite tasty and B: there were neither complaints nor leftovers. I was somewhat redeemed in that I made the avocado ranch dressing from scratch. Also: pie. Two of them, replete with pecans.

If I can find decent clips, I may post snippets of rehearsal. Not sure if it's worth it since I record on my iPhone. The sound quality's fair, but the mic isn't that great and each take ends up super-heavy on whoever happened to be standing closest to me. Or Karen. Her voice is a force of freakin' nature.

*he's playing the Warwick Valley Winery February 13th. They have very nice wine and a lovely cafe and - best of all - they have Rick Nestler! If we're lucky, his fabulous wife just might make an appearance as well. Who wants to go?
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