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As previously noted, I spend far too much time thinking about food, writing about food and perusing cookbooks, cooking magazines and food blogs. It's standing me in pretty good stead with this wacky plan o' mine, though - making the best of what I have on hand and NOT buying things willy nilly only to toss them out as they go bad before I think to use them.

I didn't put together menu ideas until late yesterday afternoon. Once I hit the grocery store, I was at the mercy of the produce section (no real worries there) and the fish counter (ye GODS) and a last minute change to last night's meal that ended up not being changed, after all. Still with me? Here we go:

Friday: potato crusted salmon* with mashed cauliflower and roasted asparagus.

Saturday: bean and bacon soup**, salad, sourdough bread

Sunday: pot roast, mashed potatoes and carrots, roasted brussels sprouts

Sunday is shaping up to be cold, grey and rainy - PERFECT pot roast weather. I'm going to toss it in the crock pot before heading out to the gym tomorrow morning. That'll give me plenty of time during the rest of the day to bake something; Don's mom is coming over for dinner and she does like her sweets.

*For some reason, I decided to range further afield to the A&P two towns over. Their fish counter was not impressive; the salmon filets were very thin, and looked as if they'd been chopped up within the fleshy bits. I picked up a couple of pork tenderloins (on sale. woo!) as a back up. Fortunately, Shop Rite came through with some decent farm raised salmon (again: on sale. again: woo!), so Dinner Was Saved and I can roast a tenderloin sometime next week.

**Not harpiegirl4's recipe, alas; I didn't get my butt in gear early enough to get everything into the crock pot. Also, I need to verify a measurement.
Tags: food, sensible eating
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