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Had I made any New Year's resolutions, one of them would certainly have been to be more mindful of food. Not only what and how much I'm eating, but how much I let go to waste. I've been plumbing the depths of the freezer, using up leftovers, keeping track of what I've got on hand (there's a forthcoming post dedicated to my pantry). Menu planning plays a big part here. Lest I find myself overwhelmed and therefore violently disinclined to continue what should be a sensible course, I'm limiting that planning to three dinners at a time. Twice a week I plan meatless meals, though I'll likely up this to three by summer/farmer's market season.

Monday: Don fends for himself. With my new schedule, I teach a 6:15 class (can't eat for at least two hours before that), man the desk until 9 and am up again to teach the 8 a.m. the next morning. If I have my act together, I'll take something to eat once I'm done teaching. Maybe a light club salad, or that avocado and chickpea concoction I've been wanting to try.

Tuesday: rösti casserole with baked eggs*. I have those fresh, organic eggs, after all, and it would be a crying shame to let them go to waste. Salad (greens, apples, almonds, raisins, red onions) and creamy balsamic dressing on the side.

Wednesday: Swordfish burgers with lemon vinaigrette on mixed greens. Perhaps multigrain toasts and hummus on the side. I was going to do these with salmon, but when I was last at the grocery store, they announced a swordfish special on the overhead. Clearly this meal was fated to be.

Thursday: I've got leftover pinto beans. Maybe I'll brown up some ground turkey and make something Mexican. I'm torn between enchiladas and chimicangas. Whatever I make, I'll do a chopped salad and this rice (only brown) as a side dish.


Feel free to share your suggestions, tips and recipes! Words of encouragement are, of course, always welcome.

It might also be worth nothing that I spend FAR too much time reading food blogs. yeesh.

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Tags: food, sensible eating
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