Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

A Conspiracy of AWESOME

This one's for Megan Whalen Turner fans.

Thanks to the supremely marvelous aranturas, I now have my grabby hands on an ARC of A Conspiracy of Kings. It only seems fair that I share that good fortune, so here's the deal: if you'd like to read A CONSPIRACY OF KINGS pre-official release, comment here. Follow up by sending me a private message with your email address and (if you wish) mailing address. I'll make a master list of the mailing order and notify each reader as to whom they'll be passing it along so you can communicate and share your shipping info. Make sense? Am I making this too complicated (or am I not making it anywhere near complicated enough)? We'll work it out. My only request is that the book ultimately makes its way back to me.

One more thing: celyra from sheroes had the idea that we ought to photograph the book at various local points of interest, à la Flat Stanley. This is gleefully encouraged, though not mandatory. If you choose to get in on the Flat Sophos action, just blog about it and send the link to me, or send pics and I'll post them here. Oh, and feel free to jot things on the inside covers: doodles, comments, ten word reviews, whatever.

The ongoing exchange idea was born on sheroes, and will likely be sheroes-centric, but I'm not dismissing requests on my LJ flist to get in on the action. In the interest of keeping things manageable, monetarily speaking, I'm suggesting we keep this to the US and Canada. If you're outside of those borders and really, really want in, send me a message and we'll see what we can do.

Tags: book geekery, books, sheroes
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