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17 November 2009 @ 11:33 pm
Baby That Shoulder! Day One:  
The good news: I only taught two classes today, not three.

The middling news: I had one orientation in the morning class, and four in the evening. That meant I couldn't just call stuff out; I had to demonstrate everything, and do one-on-one adjustments the entire time. But I did call on a couple of regulars to illustrate specific moves that my wonky-ass shoulder would just not allow (reverse plank? SO not happening).

The bad news: the Methylprednisone pack is, thus far, miraculous; within hours of taking the first dose my pain was noticeably diminished. You'd think this would go under good news, but no! Lessening of pain + adrenaline surge = Kelly loses track of the whole 'take it easy, do nothing that might strain the injury' plan of action.

I'm not even considering the possibility that I've adjusted to a certain level of discomfort/pain as an acceptable baseline. That's crazy talk, that is, and I'm having none of it. So there.
I feel: soresore