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The Great Ceiling Escapade continues apace. Truth? It's nearly done, but I am lazy terribly busy and important and haven't had the opportunity to make regular posts regarding the day to day progress. Let's just think of this as an experiment in time travel - nay, time and space. There may be wibbley wobbly bits.

This one is devoted to the kitties. The younger ones, that is. The two older girls have spent most of their time hiding in their respective closets. HT, panicked by the presence of UNKNOWN MAN! in the house, has been hiding in the rafters of the midget basement until S'nP Mike goes home for the night. Esme is in the thick of things. She sits on the step stool, races across the drop cloths, or curls up on the floor to watch Mike at work.

For the most part, this hasn't been an issue - at least not until Mike painted the bay window. He put a lovely, smooth coat of semi-gloss over the old, smudgy wood.

Pretty! So smooth and shiny!


Wait a minute...


Really? REALLY?




I do regret I wasn't able to get a picture of Esme, sitting with her dainty paint smudged paws placed before her just so. In lieu of that, I present my tiny one-eyed kitty basking before the work lamp. It's radiating about four zillion degrees. She couldn't be happier.


Not visible in this shot: the paint on her left ear.

As for HT, well... directly after Mike leaves the house for the night, Tom comes running up. Sometimes he selects a safe route. Other times, his path takes him past a freshly painted door. Now, Handsome Tom is large. He is bursting with kittenish energy. He is not graceful, nor is he keenly aware of his surroundings.



There's my classy boy.

coming soon: more kitty tales, why I failed at NaNo before it even began, and Almost Finished! pics
Tags: house stuff, kitties
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