Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Despite a scheduling kerfuffle this weekend, our living room has seen steady progress over the past few days. As in tomorrow, it should be finished. Or so we hope.

Let me take you back to Monday. Actually, let's start with Saturday evening. Behold the fully spackled ceiling!


And look: that gaping seam above the bay window? Gone.


Monday was given over to sanding.


In spite of plastic sheeting and tape, dust got everywhere.


It found its way into the bedroom, my office, and covered every bit of my beautiful granite countertops. The kitties remained mostly unscathed. Not so much when it came to the paint, but that's a story for another post.

Mike also primed the ceiling, but I don't have any pictures of that. Close your eyes and picture... No wait, open them again and read this first: think of an expanse of clean, white ceiling. Now close your eyes. Do you see it? That's what it looked like. Well done! Who needs a photo? Yesterday, he painted the ceiling (repeat the previous exercise but add a bit of sheen) and all of the trim. Look how pretty the bay window looks!


He also started cutting in some of the wall color.


Today, he's touching up the trim and painting the walls (though the wall that once was deep, dark green will need a second coat). Tomorrow, it's touch ups and lo! the room should be done. Then it's on to the kitchen! This time next week, we should be fully painted and back to normal. Woo. And. Hoo.
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