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We're in a bit of a holding pattern. S'nP Mike has, I think, finished spackling. In addition to tending the seams and nail holes in the ceiling, he's also repaired the corners that were covered by strips of rounded molding as well as some of the more noticeable bumps and divots in our inarguably wonky walls. Honestly. This house. One of these days I might just take you on a photo tour of where doors once were, or the many textures and levels of flooring, or the electrical outlets (spoiler alert: one's in a door frame!). Heavens forfend I set a level down anywhere. The point is, though, that all of this spackling now will ultimately yield a much smoother surface when we come to project's end.

First: a brief history of our living room. About three years ago, Don decided we really ought to paint the long wall. Since the room was already a bit dark, we went for a vivid, Big Bird yellow. We lived with that about a year before deciding it was a bit too taxing on the eye and went an entirely different route: deep, rich hunter green. Now, that's one of my favorite colors, and I know that this and brick red (the color of our bedroom door, and those which lead into my office) and deep blue make for gorgeous walls... only not so much in short-ceilinged rooms that are further darkened by poorly installed wooden wainscot on said short ceiling.

Still, once S'nP Mike started spackling the irregularities, that long, dark green wall looked sort of cool.


If you look closely, you'll see some interesting stuff. Hey! HEY!! It's Snuffleupagus! Or Jimmy Durante - who was, in fact, the inspiration for the beloved Sesame Street character.†


I call this one, "Snail, retreating from the Nothing."



It's a damned good thing that wasn't Artax-shaped.

Merman, diving!


Mermaid, diving!




Next up is sanding, then priming, then fixing the numerous gaps and irregularities prior to painting (which will include not only the ceiling and walls, but also the doors and ALL of the trim. I am ridiculously excited). Part of me wants to paint that long wall with chalkboard paint and always have a tub of colored chalk at hand. Another part of me - the one that's paying to have these walls professionally painted - is looking at warm, simple, cozy colored paint chips. More on that tomorrow!

I made that up, but please don't tell anyone. Let's see how long it takes for that bit of misinformation to go viral! I've done my duty and tweeted it.
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