Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

A few things to tide you over until the next exciting installment of FrankenHouse Gets a New Ceiling!:

~turns out my day off wasn't. I taught this evening, which meant plans to leisurely cobble together some sort of dinner weren't in the cards. It's not that I mind planning meals; I just don't like the stealth attack.

~my grocery store has a butcher counter. which, of course, but when would I think to use it? other than today, clearly, so many thanks to Mike for cutting a lovely (and very reasonably priced) pork shoulder roast just for me!

~pulled pork in the slow cooker = super easy + crazy yummy. In addition, consider this: oven roasted sweet potato fries, lightly toasted multigrain rolls and homemade coleslaw. In your eye, leisurely cobbling! (apologies to hobbyist shoemakers)

~this whole living room thing is WAY less exciting than the kitchen remodel. I expect that when we start digging into the walls (at some far removed date), we'll have all manner of wacky tales. For now, though, it's mostly a bowed ceiling, unexplained shims and random panelling. There haven't even been any mouse corpses. *grumps*

~HT really hates hiding away in the basement for twelve hours. Jilly's pretty keen on his doing so.

~Cardio-kickboxing is mad fun, and you should all come take a class at my gym. I've got free passes!

~this icon has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I'm likely retiring it soon and I feel it deserves it's day in the sun.

~oh, right! I did a mini-cull of my friendslist. Mostly people who have been inactive for a good long while (Hayes? Do. Not. Fret.).
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