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It is grey and raining and blustery in SnowWhiteLand. While I wouldn't want this weather for days on end, it's rather nice. I was forced to stay indoors and face up to the huge, hulking clutter-monster that is (or rather, was) my office. There are still far too many books to be dealt with; I can't even think about the bags and boxes in the attic. If I had the time, though, and a ready stream of postage, I'd set to the next giveaway at once. For now, they're boxed up and pushed to the side. I'm going to need as much available floor space as I can muster since... no. No, I'll wait to tell you all about that on Monday.

Mess though it was, I couldn't stretch out the office project all day, so I moved on to the next eyesore: my closet. Actually, my entire side of the bedroom, but I had to start somewhere. I emptied the entire thing, top to bottom, got rid of shoes I've not worn in the past several years, set summer clothes aside and sorted through everything else. For someone who hates clothes shopping, I've amassed a fair amount, and yet wear the same few things 'til they're falling apart. Then I put some safety pins in the gaps and wear them some more. I simply HATE how most things look on me. I blame my stumpy torso and big hips. Stupid disproportionate body. In any event, I've a full large trash bag of clothes to take to the Salvation Army drop, where I will use my freakishly small hands to heave them into the bin.

I went through my jewelry box (matching up earrings, pulling the twenty nine pounds of pewter pins and scads of pirate-y jewelry I NEVER WEAR and putting them with my costume pieces), cleaned off the top of my dresser (I found nine pens and three knives - one folding utility, two mini Swiss Army - under the clutter) and put the rest of my laundry away - neatly, no less! - into semi-organized drawers.

There's still my night stand to attack, with it's towering pile of fitness and cooking magazines, half a dozen books, Lush lotion (Don bought me Dream Cream and bath bombs this week; I think I'll keep him), 3-in-1 oil, crinkly kitty toys (handy for distracting HT when he's bullying Jilly) and my teeny tiny alarm clock. Then there's the heap of bags and target mitts and extra grappling gloves behind the stand-up mirror. Oh, and the pile of stuff alongside the wall on my side of the bed.

I need to keep going. I must de-clutter.

Not, however, tonight. In about half an hour we're headed to Coquito's to have cocktails and tapas and watch an awesome local candidate's televised debate. Tomorrow's not looking good, either, since I have kickboxing first thing and then I'll be moving things into my office from... oh, that's right. I'm waiting until Monday to share that news. Which will, no doubt, be a let down after my ham handed attempt at building suspense.
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