Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Today marked the final leg of Book Giveaway Aught Nine.

I tried to make it easy. I poked my head in to the post office lobby, and there was no one waiting...

... until I stepped up to the counter with my paltry four packages. I'd already filled out the customs forms, so in theory it was smooth sailing. Oh, except for the bit where if it's over four pounds, you need to fill out another form entirely. D'oh! Now, that might not have been so great a deal had the postal worker not called out to the person behind me (who'd clearly snuck in) that it would be but a few minutes. "That's okay," she replied, "I know Kelly's really organized."

Oh, gracious. It was someone from the gym. I stammered an apology, then turned back to the postal worker who - as chance would have it - was the selfsame gent who'd waited on me when I mailed the twenty or so parcels a few days prior. Now, in that process, he'd asked what I was mailing. Natural curiosity. When I mentioned it was books, we hit on the subject of reading, and how it came so naturally to some and not so much to others. He mentioned a certain author he liked, saying it was hard to find someone to match that style.

--Little known fact: you can take the girl out of the bookstore, but you're hard pressed to take the bookseller out of the girl.--

I mulled for a moment and came up with a possible author he ought to try. Long story only slightly less long: on this second visit, he let me know he'd checked out this Other Author and had requested a couple of books from the library. While I was delighted to know I'd made a match (compatibility to follow, for I'm certain he's going to let me know once he actually reads the Other Authors' books), there was a growing line in the lobby... some of whom see me sweaty and disheveled on a regular basis.

At last, my transactions were complete. Heads up to those in Canada and New Zealand: your books are on their way! (though don't expect them to arrive too quickly; I confess I chose the cheapest rate).

So. To all who chose books in this latest giveaway, I hope you're pleased. To those who asked for whatever I might wish to send, I hope you've a sense of humor. Some of what I sent was solely for the lulz. Some of it was what I loved. Some of it was toss up, as in stuff I'd never read. Might be good, might be crap. Whatever the case, I'm always delighted to place books into new hands. Here's hoping you enjoy.

Look for the next giveaway in the new year!
Tags: book giveaway
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