Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

In brief:

PARF was brilliant. Ever so much music-making, gorgeously brisk fall weather, tasty and (comparatively) cheap food, pristine restrooms, warm and welcoming cast, crew and crafters. Also, Surprise!Cara and the always awesome Coyote Run.

Facebook can bite me.

Kitty détente is experiencing a bit of a setback.

So many books to be read. SO MANY! I keep giving them away, and more keep piling up. Will someone please pay me to read whilst eating apple-and-Nutella crepes for forty hours a week? The crepes are negotiable.

I'm itching to try my hand at knitting once more, but I'm painfully clumsy with crochet. I suspect that knitting=heartache and humiliation for me.

A more responsible lifestyle starts tomorrow! Exercise! Smart nutritional choices! Positive thinking! I even bought my yearly yogurt. Maybe this time I'll be able to force it down. Stupid vile aftertaste.
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