Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

If you're done with hearing my whinging about my root canal, ignore this post.

Today was Endodondist day! Woo! Contrary to the "half hour, tops," the folks at my dentist's office has guessed, it took a full hour's drive to get to my newest place of panic and woe. Then I had to pull over in a strip mall and call them to guide me in. Excellent.

Though I'd brought an x-ray with me, they opted to take another. A few minutes later, the doctor came in, gave me the rundown on what it is they do in their offices (all root canals, all the time), the numbing procedure (vast amounts of novocaine with considerable time for it to take hold between shots) and the Bad News: there's no way they were going to be done with me in one shot. I'm there at least once more, likely twice. boo. BOO!!!

I did get my choice of flavor for the numbing swab: mint (no), banana (NO!), cherry, piña colada and something else less gross than banana but not striking enough to lodge in my memory. I chose cherry. Next time, it's piña colada. If I have to go a third time, I'm asking for tequila flavor. Or just a few shots of tequila. Either way...

So Dr. Looks-like-tiny-Philip-Seymour-Hoffman gave me the first shot (which: OUCH!) then sent me to the waiting room to get good and numb before the next round of injections. Between that and the next set of shots, I was there for a solid hour before they even started working.

Once they did, though, lil' P.S.H. was great. He walked me through everything he was doing, and his technique was fantastic. After about twenty minutes, they took another x-ray and then sent me off to the receptionist to book the next appointment. Strangely, they prescribed antibiotics and painkillers - something my regular dentist didn't seem to think was necessary. I'll take the antibiotics. I hate doing so, but if it means forestalling an infection in my jaw? I'll deal. As for the painkillers - meh. Not so keen on them, either, which is just as well - my pharmacy won't have them in until tomorrow afternoon.

So: I've got at least one more session with this guy, then a full oral evaluation with my dentist and THEN two appointment's worth of getting a crown.

I am not enjoying this. Not at all.
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