Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

From my desk chair, I can see the tool shed. The door still stands open. I want nothing more than to grab a huge-ass can of chemical DOOM and bug-bomb the living heck out of every last pony-sized troglophile. Two problems with that. Wait, three:

1. I'd rather find an environmentally friendly way to attack the terrifying creatures problem.

2. There's a family of whistle pigs that live beneath the floorboards; I don't want to cause them any harm.

3. Even if 1 and 2 were of no real concern to me, I'd have to go into the tool shed to activate the Fog of Death.

Off to research. I'm hoping there's more out there than, "Cave Crickets and You: How to Peacefully Coexist; or Suck It Up, Sissy Girl."
Tags: crickets of horribleness
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