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09 August 2009 @ 05:30 pm
From my desk chair, I can see the tool shed. The door still stands open. I want nothing more than to grab a huge-ass can of chemical DOOM and bug-bomb the living heck out of every last pony-sized troglophile. Two problems with that. Wait, three:

1. I'd rather find an environmentally friendly way to attack the terrifying creatures problem.

2. There's a family of whistle pigs that live beneath the floorboards; I don't want to cause them any harm.

3. Even if 1 and 2 were of no real concern to me, I'd have to go into the tool shed to activate the Fog of Death.

Off to research. I'm hoping there's more out there than, "Cave Crickets and You: How to Peacefully Coexist; or Suck It Up, Sissy Girl."
Kathytoosha on August 9th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
A whole family of whistle Pigs? Does that mean Chucky's in love??
Dark Angel: FacePainteuph0ra on August 10th, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
No they're ground hogs!
Kel: krypto woof!ladyjoust on August 10th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
...and woodchucks, so I think the pun stands. :P
Dark Angel: FacePainteuph0ra on August 10th, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
Jason hates those things too. I love that you used the term Whistle Pigs :D
Kel: happy!kryptoladyjoust on August 10th, 2009 02:51 am (UTC)
It's the best name, right? I consider it one of my life's missions (albeit a minor one) to convince people to call these creatures by their most adorable name.
rrcurran13rrcurran13 on August 11th, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
Cave Crickets & Whistle Pigs??!
What the heck??? I hadn't heard of those until now! Thanks for the update and education on some of the Northern insects and creatures you have to "deal" with upon opening/exploring dark, moist/dank environments! :o)

You do know though,...that I would LOVE to see/meet them all, on my terms, of course,-advanced warning, etc. :o)

I'm too comfortable/bored?! ("NEVA!", bored,--Ha!, Ha!-YA RIGHT!?!) with our insects, arachnids, creepy, slithering, jumping bugs and critters.

I, (we?!) gotta/do love the gorgeous Golden Orb Spiders (Charlotte the MMMXXXXVIII--is doing a terrific job!) She protects our entry way from the more pesky/biting/stinging creatures===(mosquitoes, Wasps-(Yellow Jackets), of all varieties, & Jehovah Witnesses,...that too prolifically inhabit this oppressively, humid, area---the locals like to call home,...er,...I mean the South. P.S.-Dear,...Jehovah Witnesses--"whom I do apologize to, I don't mean to offend anyone/any of their followers." In the past= (MANY TIMES) they have been very friendly/determined! It's amazing how the sign with "Private P., Beware of Dogs, No Trespassing"--does not deter them, military recruiters, the guy selling meat, etc! :^)--That being said, as of now,...I don't plan on converting. Today the heat index was only up to 105,... just 80* inside,...I thank the universe that the air conditioner is working!

Unfortunately, I hear "ya-all!"--"Northerners" are dealing with unbearable heat/humidity too,...sorry for that! *Can we/should,... we all say in unison---GWarming??! Dear, sister(s) & G.Sue,---please save us some higher ground up there! :)

Wow!---oops, wait a sec, our new furry, adorable, but determined feline just jumped in our bird's enclosure AGAIN,...gotta activate/deploy "anti-attack/eat the avian species" teaching tool, aka, the spray bottle!

Now, where was I??! Thank you, dear, LadyJoust, sister, :) (in-law) for the chuckles! LOL!

Despite my giggles,..., which I'm still trying to contain--SORRY!:) I SINCERELY! do feel for you---concerning both the dying plants and the jumping (beagle-sized) bugs.

Although,...I do enjoy viewing, sharing, and learning about all creatures,...it is never too fun when you encounter them when you don't expect to be accosted by a,...ok,...I'll say it,...despite not being fond of the term,..."creepy crawly/jumpers, etc." ***I'm pretty sure they might call us the same, if we could understand a conversation with them! ;p)

You're correct on many points,...Grandpa would not be TOO :^) proud of our "girly"--shrieks. ***Isn't it kinda fun, when you hear that sound from our male/masculine "protectors", when they too find themselves cornered by predatory Cave Crickets??? Or in our case,...Palmetto Bugs the size of small RV trailers, that like to take up residence in jeans that haven't been worn for MONTHS! Or all the other myriad of lovely arachnids & insects/bugs that share the beautiful land with us, & to my chagrin sometimes our domicile, and !on one too many occasions!-a large bug in/on the bedspread-HELP!

Hence, on the "bug subject",...I am normally dispatched to remove the said offender to a better location (far away/outside of living quarters!) Or, I'll admit it, when my moments of (ashamedly, startled (weak?!,--"I say not!) ;0),...times, can we say,...PMS??! :),...I'll try and get the men in the house to help me with the fast moving, LARGE, insect-i, but normally end up,...directing and dispatching of the RV/etc.--- on my own. :p)

I do hope Don had fun "helping" you with the crickets and closed the door to their lair, until your next adventure?!!

Now that I've thoroughly & sadly beat the "insect subject to death!" I'll let you go for now until we can share more about,....concerning tenderly caring for plants (& then watching their sad demise), MEN, novels, nature, nurture, family, ETC.

Until then, my sweet, loving, fair Ladyjoust I'll say, "Adieu,...and find my shoe!"--- to go swat (JK!), that mosquito(o!!!) ;^)

Ouch, that was LAME!!!---definitely a sign that I need to end this missive/blog!?! ;)



Rennierengirlie87 on August 12th, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
yah know i really wanted a whistle pig when you said it..until I realized what they were. thanks for crushing those hopes and dreams

i want a hedgehog for xmas. take note.
feel a storm coming...an ARTSTORM!artstorm on August 17th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
my brother has cavedwelling crickets and he said he just keeps the lights on in his garage and that keeps them away.