Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I weeded my vegetable and herb gardens today; they were both in dire need of it. Truth be told, tending to the former was rather moot. Everything, save for the hot peppers, is dying. My zucchini was once again plagued with powdery mildew and, while I tried to treat it, I don't think I caught it early enough. My tomatoes, which had been doing well, started going yellow from the base of the plant up. My cucumbers are producing tiny, misshapen specimens.

I don't know if it's all the rain we've had or if my soil is just crap. Since I've coaxed growth in that same spot for the past two years (albeit with varying success), I don't think that's it. Still, I'll test it and see what can be done. It's also possible the plot just doesn't get enough sun. The two tomato plants I have in containers on the much sunnier patio are lush and lovely.

Adding to my woe, I opened the shed door that I might get my long-handled cultivator only to find three cave crickets the size of beagles clinging to the door. As one, they turned toward me. The smallest sprang forward, landing not a foot away from me. I screamed the very girliest of screams and ran away.

Heck with that. Don can close the shed door when he gets home tonight.
Tags: crickets of horribleness, garden
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