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In the wake of last weekend's theatre reunion (which I've yet to post about; oops!), I've been searching high and low for old photos from college and community theatre productions. They're here somewhere; I know they are. In the meanwhile, I've unearthed a scant handful of shots...

... like this one. I kid you not: this was my head shot, and for a good long while. Don't bother listing all the things that are glaringly wrong. I already know. Do understand, though, that at the time this was taken, black and white was the ONLY option. Color headshots were but a dream; headshots with any personality? Crazy. CRAZY, I TELLS YA!

In a nutshell, I am old. And even in my days of pre-creaky/ancientness, I had enormous eyebrows. Some things never change.

headshot '91
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