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There's a whole weekend's worth of updating that needs... um... updating. Honestly, though? That requires thought and consideration, editing and tagging photos, revisiting the roller coaster of emotions and - not least - accepting the fact that I'm round and no little bit wrinkled. The Great Theatre Reunion of Aught Nine will have to wait for another day. Instead, I offer more Sisters: Back In The Olden Days*:

We start with a fairly innocuous scene. Kerry and I sit upon the stoop in... hmm... Deer Park? Might be Hauppauge. I'm dressed in a romper strewn with lovely flowers. I gaze off into the distance, not a care in the world beyond the perkiness of my pigtails. My sister sports an ensemble emblazoned with a fierce, green-whiskered lion. It puts a whimsical face on, but no one is fooled. Kerry's brows are furrowed. She rubs her hands together in anticipation. The day will be hers... hers and the yarn-stitched carnivorous beast.


But wait... can it be? It's the sprightly tinkling music of the ice cream truck! Kerry's focus is diverted, just for a moment. Creamy dairy deliciousness has saved the day!

Sure, that Bomb Pop was tasty, but let's face it: two kids demanding a steady stream of ice cream can seriously cut into the household budget. A new plan of attack is in order. Here, Kerry yanks me in close.


I'm delighted. "Ker Ker loves me!" I beam. Then, "OOOH! A squirrel!"

"Let's assess," Kerry suggests, focusing her young, bright blue gaze on the parent behind the camera. "We can have this little sugar-consuming machine, or," she jerks her head behind her, "a TWO car garage. Think of it this way: ten years from now, you have two flying cars OR one rusted out powder blue VW bug and one perfectly spherical, pigtailed drain on your resources. Honestly, Mommy. I'm looking out for you."

When that didn't work, Kerry grew frustrated. Reckless, even. I like to call this one, "She's right behind me, isn't she?"


Funny to think that just two days ago, we shared crab and asparagus salad and an entire bottle of wine and not only made it out alive, but happy to have spent a few hours with only one another for company.

Family stuff is weird.

*remember that game, Kerry? No? REALLY? Deny it all you will, there's an LJ post in my future with full details of that amusement... complete with theme song.
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