Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Don has put me in charge of planning a vacation. Our last attempt was aborted by a combination of bad weather, stupid airline and a (as we later found) desperately ill kitty.

We won't be able to get away for a goodly amount of time until after Faire (NY and MD), so while I will have to plan something for that time, we also need a bit of respite now. We can do something during the week. I was thinking Saratoga, or Niagara Falls, or Maine. Somewhere within reasonable driving distance. If air fares are doable, though, we could get a quick flight to somewhere we've never been. New Orleans (Don's been there; I've not). Taos. Somewhere in North Carolina. Fence's Country.

What do you think? Anyone? Anyone?

I'm also up for suggestions as to the post-Faire vacation options. In light of my awesome tatchy skin issues, those are best sun-and-saltwater centric.
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