Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

We're having guests for dinner. Since the weather has been so horrible (save these last two days), I planned on doing most of the cooking inside with the hope we could dine al fresco.

Naturally, I left everything until the last minute, so I'm making a sort of checklist to be certain I'm not leaving out anything vital.

Appetizers: two local cheeses, bread, black caps (done)
shrimp bruschetta (shrimp mix is done, bread needs to be toasted)

Dinner: roasted chicken (chicken is butterflied, seasoned and ready to go)
red wine dijon sauce with sauteed shallots (done; will reheat before serving)
roasted red potatoes with herbs de provence (in pan, will toss with oil and herbs just before putting in oven)
grilled zucchini and yellow squash (prepped, will toss with oil, salt and pepper just prior to grilling)

Dessert: snickerdoodle blondies (everything's measured out; not sure at which point I'll make the batter, but it shouldn't take too long and they only have to bake 30 min, tops)
vanilla bean ice cream (done. I officially love my ice cream maker)

Beverages: iced water with mint and lemon (in the fridge)
wine (guests are bringing this)
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