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Tomorrow is the lovely and talented harpiegirl4's wedding. Please send any and all "Rain, rain, go away" vibes in her direction. Thanks!

I hope it's okay to share this; Cat and Erika, my dears, do let me know if it aten't. tomincloset made a very special wedding gift for the adorable couple:

I am so commissioning one of those for my anniversary.

Don and I are driving up to the wedding site tomorrow. It's about two and a half hours away, so I really ought to get everything together this evening. I find it's far too easy to put things off until the last minute. Take dress shopping, for example. I started looking on Monday. I hate shopping at the best of times, but with the clock ticking, it's even less fun. On Wednesday, I found a dress. Two, in fact. Bless JC Penney's and their crazy clearance sales! While I'm still a good ten to fifteen pounds heavier than I ought to be, my skin is *knocks wood, crosses fingers, juggles black kitties* pretty darned close to clear. Enough so, anyway, that I can wear something sleeveless AND show a bit of leg. It's been years. I am not kidding. Anyway, both dresses are cut to work with my rather too curvy figure.

Today was the mad shoe search. The wedding is outdoors - on grass - so anything with heels was out. It may rain (but maybe not! definitely not! you're not the boss of me, weather gods!), so I didn't want anything too delicate. In the end, I opted for practical. I found a pair of light, low motorcycle style boots. They're actually winter boots, but they were on the clearance rack so what care I? They're a bit slouchy and funky and I think they'll work just fine with either the sassy floral sundress or the swirly-skirted halter top frock. Bonus: they're quite comfy.

Now to figure out what jewelry to bring. Also, which drums.
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