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Week one of my C25K program is complete; tomorrow, I start on week two.

Naturally I expected that having done three walk/run training days, I'd be capable of sprinting flat out for twenty five minutes. Oh, and that I'd have dropped about fifteen pounds and have thighs the likes of which inspire sonnets. Not so much on either count. I'm going to keep on keeping on, though. There's no way out but through. Mustn't grumble. Pip pip.

What keeps me going (honestly, how silly is that? I'm one week in.) is the knowledge that if I run a minimum of three times a week, I will tone up and I will drop those extra pounds/horrifying jiggly bits. I'll also be stronger, fitter and have enhanced endurance. I will not, however, be inured to the crankiness engendered by having to run uphill for fully half of the scheduled intervals. So unfair.
Tags: c25k, fitness, running
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