Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

cheese sandwich™

My semi-epic list of Things To Be Done is not, in fact, done. I'm not overly fussed. I got in a good workout and managed a fair small but detail-oriented amount of housework.

Today was an early class (teaching, not taking) and then general maintenance/manning the desk at the gym. I'd every intention of going for a walk/run when I got home, but my muscles were tired and sore. I could have pushed it. Almost did. Then I decided that there was no shame in giving myself a day of recovery. I'll take the early kickboxing class tomorrow and, if all goes well, go for that walk/run later in the day.

As for the sensible eating... hmm. For a while there (read: several months) my habits were flat out awful. I was eating whatever struck my fancy and far too much of it. This week I've made better choices. Mind, homemade guacamole three times in five days was not the wisest meal choice, but at least it was loaded with tomato and onion. And cilantro, which is green, so it must be good for me. Tonight it's black bean soup and a big ol' salad, tomorrow it's leftover veggie chili and brown rice.

Gardening update in the near future! To give you a preview: my perennials have come back beautifully (I am ridiculously excited), I think I planted the first of my tomatoes too early and my peas and strawberries too late. Also, I don't know what other veggies and herbs I should plant.

p.s. slugs squick me no end. ::shudder::
Tags: cheese sandwich, diet, exercise, housework fail, kickboxing
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