Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

be warned: kitty-centric

the bad: ~litter box issues persist. there has been poo in the bathtub almost every day.

~we still have to have one litter box upstairs.

~Handsome Tom is still a bit of a bully.

~the older girls spend most of their time in hiding.

the good: ~it's usually only been one set of poo, as opposed to two.

~Isabeau has taken to coming out for about twenty minutes in the morning; she hangs out in the bathroom so she can drink from the faucet and get some quality skrtich time from both Don and myself.

~about twenty minutes past, Jilly emerged from her hidey hole in the linen closet. granted, she's now hiding on top of the new kitchen cabinets, but she seems rather pleased with herself.

~HT and Esme are inching toward a healthy kitty relationship. there's still looming (on his part) and indignant hissing (on hers), but they actually played a bit today. and Esme's been sleeping on the bed while Tom is there. woo and hoo.

I am so very much the crazy cat lady. *sigh*
Tags: kitties
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