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The Crimson Pirates will be getting a few new songs* on their feet at the New London gig this weekend** We will not, alas, have our full contingent, so at last Sunday's rehearsal we ran through everything we might be playing (Robin already had set lists, of course, focusing more on our maritime music), even those you'd think we could do in our sleep. It was fun, though, until Robin gave me a new harmony for one of the new songs.

I could sing it when it was just her and I, and even when we added Ann to the mix. But with the song underway, I lost it entirely. I pinballed between the melody and the high harmony. Robin assured me that if I didn't have it locked down for the weekend I ought not to worry. Yeah, right. I just spent twenty minutes singing that damn song over and over. Nailed the harmony. Nailed it. Since I'm playing conga as well, I thought it would be a good idea to rehearse with the drum.

Bad idea. I lost the harmony, I tanked on the rhythm. My hands flailed wildly about. My vocals weren't just pinballing, they were rocketing. I think I was singing bass for a measure or two.

This is not acceptable. I will not be beaten by a simple traditional tune. I will not be brought to my knees by a hand drum.


Back to the rehearsal tape.

*Oh, the amount of new music we have in the works! Y'all have no idea. One of them's a Kelly original (music by Robin). You just know that's going to be a happy sunshine sort of song.

**I originally typed 'weekent.' Make of that what you will.
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