Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Remember how - just a few short days ago - I was so excited about that wee shoot of lettuce? Well, that shoot and it's brethren have since shot up further, and the tomato seeds have exploded into the cutest wee green threads and leaves. I've already started reading up on how to harden off seedlings, and to start thinking about getting these babies into the ground. The thing is, the shoots have been getting so leggy that, despite the lack of action on the jalapeño front, I thought I ought to give them some time with the plastic cover off of the growing tray.

Remember how - just a few short sentences ago - I was so excited about my seedlings? Well, I have a one-eyed kitty. She had a hunger for fragile green seedlings. Half a dozen lettuceletts remain, and two (maybe three) tomatoes. I want to go scuff my toe in the dust, maybe kick a can across an empty lot. Only it's dark out. And rainy. And I have ready access to neither can nor empty lot.

Looks like I'll be buying seedlings from the nursery after all. *grmph*
Tags: garden fail
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