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Not. Enough. Hours.

There was so much I wanted to do today, but I agreed to switch classes this morning (meaning I wasn't out of there until nigh on eleven). Then I had to go to the grocery store and, upon returning home, put everything away. After that, I was prevailed upon to take a tour of All The Things Don Did While I Was At The Gym, and though they were impressive, I was freaking hungry. Which, of course, meant I had to eat. guh. There's so much to be done to get the kitchen - nay, the entire house - back in order, I find myself resenting time spent doing anything else. Doctor's appointments, running errands, showering - these are all seriously eating into my 'reclaim this house!' time.

I spent a good hour hauling and washing and drying and shelving before Don suggested a trip to Home Depot. "If you don't make a decision about cabinet hardware now, you never will. I know you. You're lazy and hidebound and incapable of making a choice without serious provocation. I'm calling you out!" Or it might have been, "Hey, sweetie. I have gift cards and you need cabinet hardware. Want to take a run to the store?" Apples and oranges. The point is that this took another very valuable chunk of my day.

Then Don suggested we invite his Mom over for dinner. I love his mom, and I'm always happy to see her and feed her. But when she accepted his invitation, it meant I had to clear off the dining room table, which has been my makeshift office since the cold forced me from my enclosed-porch/very-much-uninsulated office in early November. I had to dust and polish and make things presentable. More time stolen from kitchen recovery. We had a lovely visit over a very humble dinner, after which I spent a while over pots and pans and cleaning up the kitchen.

Ang needs me to teach both morning classes tomorrow, so I really ought to give that some little bit of prep. Oh, and I haven't looked at my music in a week and we've rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. Brilliant.

Sorry. Don't mean to grumble so. Here's a bit of pretty to offset my whinge:


Tulips were on sale at the grocery store. Since these were in my joust colors, I couldn't resist.

The (nearly) final chapter of 'Kitchen! The Remodel' won't likely hit this page until Monday. Sorry. I know you're all waiting with keen anticipation.
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