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My holiday weekend got off to a fine start with a nightmare that people were calling in to complain about the way I was teaching the pre-teen kickboxing classes. The disgruntled callers included my nieces and nephew, a handful of kids who don't even take the class, and my very much grown up friend Ann. Oh, that wacky self-confidence o' mine!

Yesterday we had lunch with my mom. Alas, my sister had to work. They need to live a lot closer to me, and soon. No pressure, mind. It's just that I adore the two of them and I miss them to bits. Today I started some seeds on my window ledge. I know, I know. I'm a bit behind schedule. On top of that I could really use some grow lights. Still, the seeds may surprise me. I live in hope. Don had our taxes done. I found out that the gladiolus bulbs corms may be a lot more work than I'd bargained for.

My sister-in-law, Beth, hosted an Easter luncheon. We had fruit and sandwiches, beer and wine while the kids hunted for plastic eggs that contained clues as to where the candy laden baskets were hidden. Jared, the youngest, has taken to dressing up at every opportunity. He and Uncle Don were adorable in their sweater vest ensembles:


And because it's Easter... bunny!

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