Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

And we're one day closer...

Look! Window trim! The old trim was patched together from different sized bits of molding. This is a vast improvement.

window frame and lonely chair

Scatterbrain that I am, I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture of the old floor. Lucky for me, there’s an unused stack of the old tiles in the basement. This doesn’t quite capture the color, and my new tiles look a bit darker than they truly are. And you’re seeing a clean sample. There’s no trace of years of wear and ground in dirt. Still, you get the idea: fleshy brownish pink. *shudder*

old tile, new tile

Thanks to the tilty-ness of the room, Bob had to adjust the kickboards. Those that came with the cabinets were made to fit in a room that was well constructed and level. Bob, being awsome, cut new ones. They’re the exact same tone as those from KraftMaid, but - don’t tell anyone - they’re plain old pine.


Look at my shadow: my hair is completely wild. Wild, I tell you!

For the sake of consistency, the whole shebang. Painted ceiling and all.

full kitchen, pre-electric

Bonus picture! HT and Esme in a rare moment of harmony. They’re intent on the squirrels that have been gorging themselves on spilled (read: they chewed through the plastic container and tipped it over) birdseed for the past several days. Esme weighs about eight pounds. She's very slim and dainty. Alas, she looks bigger here than she actually is, but even so - Tom is huge next to her. HUGE!

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