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Here's the thing...

I don't want to bore you with the minute details. It's step by step at this point. Sure, we've got a few biggies ahead of us: countertops. New appliances. Paint color. Back splash (inside scoop!: don't hold your breath). For now, though, it's all spackle and sand and lay down the primer. Basic stuff. Still...

We’re getting close. I called House of Stone to let them know we were ready to template.* I called the electricians to let them know that, as of Friday, we’d be ready to power up.** I called my mom ‘cause she’s pretty wonderful and I like talking with her.

The BIL was here bright and early, but I had to leave to run errands of endlessness. When I got back, he’d installed most of the upper cabinets. My wee kitchen is full of lovely, hardware-less (well, except for hinges. and drawer tracks. and pivot thingies. all the hidden stuff) natural finish hickory cabinets.

Just look!

full kitchen with cabinets

And it’s all level. The bubble does not lie. It dare not.


This is the row of cabinets along the right hand side of the kitchen. I’m absurdly delighted by the shelves that cap off the end. Whatever will I put on them?

upper cabinets, left

And here we see the upper cabinets along the opposite wall.

upper cabinets, right

I meant that open bay to be storage/display for cookbooks. Hmm. It’s shorter than I anticipated. I expected I’d have three shelves’ worth; more likely it will be two. That’s not the first instance where the ‘real view’ schematics from Lowe’s haven’t translated entirely to match the actual product. Not that it’s all bad. Viewing their printout, I was certain the floor space between the base units was going to be significantly narrower and somewhat oppressive. To my surprise and delight, it’s neither. So, really, the shelf bay may work out just fine. And if not, I’ll cull my cookbook collection to make it work. Any cookbook addicts on my flist who want dibs on the castoffs?

When we were choosing our cabinets, there were bells and whistles galore. We kept it very simple, though we did choose a handful of special features. Our corner units have Lazy Susan’s. Not that I’ll abide any laziness in my kitchen. I like to think of these as Task-Oriented-Career-Driven Susans.

lazy susan

The drawers. Oh, the drawers. They extend COMPLETELY. Please tell me you understand how awesome this is.


Now if only I could capture in still photos the experience of closing one of these bad boys. The soft close (I’m certain that’s not the technical term) came standard; I couldn't be happier. Simply push it shut, hard as you please, but at the last minute it catches. Hesitates. Slides, slowly, to a silent and complete stop.

After the main install was complete, Bob put a coat of primer over the new sheet rock walls and ceiling. He offered to let me do it myself, or to turn the task over to my sweetie. I think he was somewhat relieved when I asked if he’d mind doing it himself. We’ve done a bit of painting in our house, and we have a tendency to be a bit sloppy. We load up the paintbrush and slop it on. There are drops and drips and streaks of the old paint visible behind the new coat. There are drips and drops on the floor that we’ve yet to clean up. So, yes. We are a bit lax in our painting techniques. We’re also somewhat relieved that part of the We doesn’t read this LJ. Not that we’re criticizing us... we love us, and think that we’re brilliantly talented in so many ways. It’s just that we don’t necessarily have the skill set needed for a professional looking paint job.

End of day: draped and primered and ready for a coat of clean white paint in the morning.
full kitchen, draped

Miss Evangelista cabinet says,“I have the two qualities you require to see absolute truth. I am brilliant, and unloved." I am also unstocked.

upper cabinets, right (draped)

Poor Miss Evangelista cabinet. But fear not...

*SPOILERS!*’ll be all right. You’ll be clever AND beautiful AND have friends AND be fashionably attired. And smartly stocked.

But you still won’t be able to hold a whole lot of cookbooks.

And, finally, the supervisor of the entire enterprise, my shiny happy rainbow kitty:

Esme at the door

Look at that face. I only wish I had the accompanying action shots. Princess Puffytail has been in rare form.

*In this entire process, everyone we’ve ever spoken to about countertops has laid out a similar time frame: template is measured, and within a few days they’ve been fabricated and are installed. When I called House of Stone yesterday, they told me their earliest availability to measure the template is this Friday. Brilliant. Then, they told me, it would be about two weeks (minimum) until the fabrication was complete.

Two. Weeks.

That’s two more weeks (minimum) without a kitchen. Sure, we could pay the plumber to come out and reinstall the stove. Then we could pay him again to come and connect the dishwasher and the stove and faucet type things once the counters and sink are in. The point is, no kitchen for two more weeks. Unless, of course, the stone folk are just saying that so that when they come through in a few days’ time, they’re heroes. I could live with that.

**Still haven’t chosen a ceiling fan. The one I liked best (which I can’t find again, not that it matters) was nigh on six hundred dollars. Six hundred dollars. For a ceiling fan.

I think I’ll pick the least foofy model at Lowe’s and call it a day.

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