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Foggy brain. That is what I have. Apologies in advance for any spelling or grammatical disasters.

When last we left Project: Make Kelly’s Kitchen Less Crappy, the tile had been laid (hee) and I’d begun to shop for countertops.

Don was home on Friday!!! Also,! I missed him so. Bill the Tile Guy was here bright and early, though, so no sleeping in for my husband. Instead, we embarked upon a day of home improvement related shopping. The better part of an hour was spent peering up at ceiling fans (note: Lowe’s uses 15 watt bulbs for display purposes. which means, unlike at Home Depot, you aren’t constantly blinded. thanks, Lowe’s!) and about the same starting at kitchen faucets. I won’t keep you in suspense: we bought a faucet. Didn’t buy a fan. There. Now you won’t skip to the end.

Or maybe you will. I won’t be mad.

We made two trips to the House of Stone. I’d told Don all about the shiny blue granite and, in the process, talked myself out of it. It’s gorgeous, but a bit flashy and rather bold. I’m not. Having ruled out the blue, I selected five other candidates: one full black, one pale green with grey and black flecks, and the other three dark green with black and gold flecks of varying sizes. One had a hint of teal, another tiny specks of burgundy. All five were respectable, stately, and quite lovely. Any one of them would look very pretty with my hickory cabinets.

I went with the Volga Blue. Show of hands: who is even remotely surprised? The more I thought about it, the more I realized how light and clean and simple my choices have been for the rest of the kitchen. It could do with a bit of boldness.

No weekend progress to report. Well, not exactly true: Saturday morning, Don and Bob unboxed the cabinets and moved the bases into the kitchen. My house looked like a Middle School dance. Boys on one side, sprawled out and trying to look cool:


Girls on the other, clustered together, pretending not to look at the boys:


Then there's this young lady. She and the dishwasher, her only friend, were hanging out in the corner and talking about horses and A Swiftly Tilting Planet.


Bob started installing first thing this morning. Apparently it’s essential that cabinets are installed level. This is especially true if you’re planning on stone countertops. Hey, remember how I noted my kitchen was a bit tilty? Funny story. It’s actually a lot tilty. Two inches worth, sloping down from the outside wall. Bob has added lifts to the cabinets in the lowest spot. Everything else is shimmed. He’s had three levels going at all times. When all is done, it will look perfectly even. Just don’t drop a marble in my kitchen.

Maybe I’m worrying overmuch. It’s barely noticeable, right?


Fortunately, it was all sorted out by day's end. It's starting to look rather kitcheny, don't you think?


And, finally - what does this mean?

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