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Because we're redoing the kitchen, I had to reorganize and sort through everything in the attic.

True story.

Anyway, amidst the Rubbermaid containers of summer clothes and costumes, the Christmas decorations and my Grams' china (that's been there since we moved), there were boxes and boxes and boxes of books. I have a lot of books. A LOT. As a lifelong avid reader who worked for far too long at a bookstore and is also more than a bit of a pack rat, I tell you: a lot. When we made the move from NJ to our wee house, I culled a goodly number of books. About a year ago, I made another sweep, which yielded about four shopping bags full that are currently sitting in my basement. *

Even after the work of the past two days, I still have three (no, wait - four. well, three and three quarters) overstuffed bookshelves in the house and seven large plastic bins of books in the attic. That's what I'm keeping.

Between the attic and my office, I've filled nine shopping bags (two of them oversized) and four standard size book boxes. Let's not forget the four bags in my basement. All those books need to find new homes. I'd just donate the lot to the library, but they don't want them. There was some sort of book sale brewing; I'm certain I saw a sign in town - somewhere - asking for donations. Of course I can't recall where I saw it; online search yields nothing. I suppose I could try to sell some back at the ol' B&N, but I doubt they're taking much right now, the economy being what it is.

We're planning on having a yard sale at some point. I'm sure I could set them out there. But it's such a huge number of volumes, it almost makes sense to have my own book sale. Or book party. Come and browse and take what you want. I could even combine it with the kitchen-warming. Or I could make a list of what I have and post it here and if you lot could tell me if you want anything. If you work in NYC, barleymash could bring it in to work with him. If not, we'd make other arrangements.

Two things I ask of you:

1. Any other ideas as to how I can get such a large number of books taken off of my hands?

2. Anyone interested in free books? And, if so, what kinds would you be looking for? Fair warning: most of my stuff is SciFi/fantasy and teen/YA. And ARCs of all kinds of things, fiction and non-.

If I'm feeling completely crazy, I'll sort them by type and make that title list.

*of course, after every sweep, I continued to buy books and take advantage of free ARCs. it all built up again. what is wrong with me?
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