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You know, I think I'm going to miss the de-construction portion of our kitchen remodel. Finding the hole for a lighting fixture filled with old tube socks. Random stacks of bricks behind the sheet rock. A patch job done with a square from an Absolut box. Whimsical (or, more aptly, terrifying) alterations to the wiring. Too little insulation, too many layers of floor. So much mouse poo. And evidence of mouse nibbling. And mousely remains. Half a pack of Marlboro 100's. A photo of a young blonde woman with large hair. Unexplained holes, mystery power cords.

Esme would like to say, "q22222222222222222222222222222222" To which I reply, "Get the hell off my keyboard."

Today was... well, a bit dull.

The plumber was here. We now have proper shut-off valves for both cold and hot water. The connection for the water line to the ice maker in the fridge has been redone (that is, done correctly), and in a few days we'll also have a shut-off valve for the propane line to the range. More visible, new pipes to the sink! They're ever so shiny.


And the only other pic of the day:


Sheet rock! And insulation, which you can't see, but trust me - it's there. And flaily wire tentacles protruding from the walls. And a weary Dementor in the upper right corner. I would've woken it, but they're such angels when they're asleep.

Had to fess up to Don about the tile. I intended to play the "*kssssssh* *krssshlsshs* Can't hear you, hon. Bad connection," game seven or eight times, but the moment the subject came up I caved . Told him everything. Sweet lad that he is, he assured me he would have been entirely cool with going for the larger, more expensive tiles, at which point I begged him to stop. "I made a decision!" I cried. "There was thought. There was deliberation. Price comparison. Aesthetic consideration. I chose a highly specific shade of grout. Do not take this away from me!" So, in short, all is well.

That's it for today, kids. I was at the gym most of my waking hours, so even if anything cool happened at our wee cottage, I'd be none the wiser.
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