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20 March 2009 @ 05:31 pm
Every time I think I'm just about done packing up the kitchen, I turn around and find something else that needs doing. Still, all but two of the cabinets and one of the drawers are completely empty. Much as I hate the thought, I'm going to have to pick up disposable plates and utensils. It's either that or eat out for every meal. My basement is full of plates and cookbooks, pots and sheet pans and small appliances. I feel as if I'm hiding my valuables from an invading force of hostile chefs.

I can't find my point and click camera. bah. I took some 'before' pics on my SLR, but I can't find it's USB cable, which is why I was using the other camera to begin with. bah, again. Also, I have a cold. and there's the third bah.

Tomorrow it's kickboxing first thing, then ripping down the old cabinets. Don's in the city again, so it's just me and a screw gun and a crowbar. I may even wear a tool belt. Just because.