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Today was mostly about what I didn't do, but ought to have done.

I didn't bake.
I didn't work out.
I didn't do that second load of laundry.
I didn't manage to find the vitamin supplements for HT.
I didn't eat very well.
I didn't do any serious writing.
I didn't organize the stack of printouts and scrawled notes that currently constitute my personal cook book.
I didn't make something to take to ricknestler's party.
I didn't broker peace between the kitties.

Somewhere in the midst of all that not-doing, I managed to get some things done.

I went to phototherapy.
I did that first load of laundry.
I semi-organized (but didn't file) a bunch of bills and paperwork.
I cleaned my house. Mostly. Kind of. A little. Okay, very little.
I listened to a couple of my backlogged podcasts. Yes, this counts as an accomplishment.
I cleaned out the fridge.

And, though I can't count this as my own accomplishment:

Esme was astonishingly adorable.

Edit: I've also starting a re-watch of DW: Season Four. Donna Noble is made entirely of win, shiny and awesome.
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