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12 March 2009 @ 10:48 pm
kitty angst and random babbleness  
So. Kitty trauma. About a week past, HT went after Jilly. Though he was only trying to play, the end result is still that he sent her flying, scratched her nose, and freaked her (and Don, and Isabeau) out no end. Jilly and her sister have spent most of the past week in hiding. They come out to eat - usually - and use the litter box. Or not. Isabeau found that whenever she scratched in the litter, HT would come running to see what was going on. Cue freak-out. She's taken to using the bathtub... which is how we found out she's got blood in her stool.

Yeah. Good times.

I figured it might be stress related, but you don't mess with this stuff, so I made an appointment with the vet. Dr. AwesomeVet is on vacation (he took his wife and daughters to Hawaii), so I met with Dr. SubVet, who is awesome in her own right. After a weigh in and a brief examination, it was determined that Isabeau is in otherwise excellent health. Stress induced colitis seems to be the culprit, here, and believe me, I have never talked in such detail about my own poo, much less my kitties'. "I can do bloodwork," Dr. SubVet said, "but I don't want waste your money." She, the vet tech and I spent about half an hour talking about behaviour, the kitty hierarchy in our household, and potential fixes.

I've a lot of things to try, including giving Handsome Tom (and possibly Isabeau) a B-vitamin supplement. screamingdolai, I may also try the CalmDown that you mentioned. Whatever I can get my hands on first. My pet store had neither. I'll trim HT's claws, or beg the vet tech to do so (here's where it comes in handy that they rather like my baking). We'll make a large, enclosed litterbox for Isabeau with an opening too small for HT to enter. We're going to try Feliway (or whatever they call the pheromone diffuser).

Today, when I got home from work, I had a message on my machine from Dr. SubVet. She'd gone on the veterinary forums to research similar situations and explore other suggestions. She had four pages of printouts for me, complete with her own notes and highlighted sections.

In short, I adore my vet,* his sub, and everyone who works in that office.

Also, Isabeau is pretty.


But it's not all angsty unhappy crap! Well, with the kitties it is (I haven't even told you the Esme story of the night), but there's, umm...

That black bean soup? Was mad tasty. As was the asian marinated steak from last night, served over salad with a ginger soy dressing.

Trish's class this morning was particularly challenging, which might have something to do with the fact that I taught last night AND first thing this morning. Or it just might be that Trish is really tough. In a good way, of course.

Rick and Donna's St. Pat's party is this Saturday. I can't imagine I'll be comfortable enough to sing, but I'll be there with my drums and, mayhap, my pennywhistle. I really ought to figure what noms I'll be taking.

I need to clean my house. And do laundry. And pay bills.

That's all I've got.

*side note: when I took Isabeau into Dr. AwesomeVet's office for the first time, he took extensive notes about every aspect of her health. And then, at the top of the file, he wrote, 'super cat.' :)
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Kerry: Charliescreamingdolai on March 13th, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
I can't think of kitteh trauma right now...there is a pic of a pretty kitteh and I want to go to there and scritch.

I hope that Feliway works for you...it's never worked for Charlie, but he rides the short kitteh bus so what do I know?? :)