Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Mmmm... black bean soup. I've never made it before, but the batch I just whipped up tastes rather yummy. If I'm productive and throw together a salad now, all I'll have to do when I get back from the gym is reheat the soup and make a batch of cornbread.

And speaking of the gym, I took Donna's class this morning. Ouch. My legs were a bit weary from yesterday's (mild) exertions as well as the class I'd taught immediately prior. On the plus side, I made it through and didn't have to stop to catch my breath. On the minus side, I can not do a proper push-up to save my life. I think it makes Donna a bit crazy. Certainly it's no fun for me, either. The thing is my body feels as if it's in the position it ought to be, but an outside eye proves otherwise. Guess I'll be doing a whole lot of push-ups next to a mirror. Good times.

Kitty trauma continues. There are now litterbox issues. I am not pleased.
Tags: cooking, kickboxing, kitties
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