Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

cheese sandwich™

Despite my best intentions, I didn't make it to kickboxing today. I'm teaching early tomorrow morning, but after that I'll take Donna's class. I did get my lazy butt on the treadmill for about 35 minutes, about half of which I ran. Lame, I know, but it's still better than noting.

When I got back to the house, I had a message from Don that he'd be super late tonight. I scrapped my original dinner plans and decided to scrounge. Thing is, nothing was appealing. I've been eating lentil soup leftovers for four days. It's yummy, to be sure, but I grow weary. I poked through the freezer, the pantry, the recesses of the fridge, but everything seemed like too much work. At last I unearthed a slightly soft red bell pepper, a somewhat withered knob of ginger, and a (mostly) sturdy broccoli crown. Onions and garlic from the pantry, chicken breast I'd bought earlier this week... oh, yeah. Stir fry! With whole wheat couscous, 'cause I was too impatient to wait on brown rice.

Crimson Pirate-wise, things continue well. We had a rather productive rehearsal yesterday. Don's crazy work schedule precluded his attendance, so we were without his drumtastic awesomeness. I think we muddled along well enough, but every time I had to pick up the bodhran to cover for him I felt - so very keenly - my comparative lack of skill. We've got some good stuff in the works. crimsontom has an adorable song on it's feet. Dan has three new songs under way, Ann has two (three?). Robin has one or two. There are a whole lot of group songs, too, and a two that really showcase our female vocals. I continue to fail at finding harmonies and am pathetically grateful when someone offers one up to me. I can learn them. I just can't hear them.

Finally, a note to myself: sucky weather and kitty trauma and extra shifts at work are no excuse. You have to get to phototherapy thrice weekly or you won't get better. In fact, you'll get worse. Which is, at this moment, abundantly clear. Also, eat less and exercise more. silly cow.
Tags: crimson pirates, diet, exercise
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