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Woohoo! Project 'New Kitchen' is underway!

Here's where we stand right now:

~the cabinets (as you may recall) have been ordered, and we have a delivery date of March 18th.

~the electricians have been by to give us an estimate

~the wainscot on the ceiling has been torn down, as has one bank of cabinets

Here's what needs doing with some haste:

~purchase dishwasher and microwave/hood

~pack up all but the most essential of kitchen items

~contact plumber for estimate

Here's what needs to be done at some point:

~decide on countertop

~decide on a sink

~choose hardware

~choose back splash (no real rush here)

~tear down all but the most essential cabinetry

~decide whether to replace the floor tiles (leaning toward "Hell, yes," in no small part because the new tiles would be free. FREE!)

That's not much of a list. Clearly, I'm missing a lot of very important items. This is overwhelming. Too. Many. Decisions. I am going to take this opportunity to weed out items that have been languishing in my crappy old cabinets for the past four years. If I haven't used something in that time, I'm unlikely to do so.

Don's cleared most of the debris from the kitchen, so I ought to spend some quality time with bubble wrap and Rubbermaid bins. Pic spam soon!

I'm adding a wishlist.

~new refrigerator (unlikely)

~new dinnerware (pretty darned necessary)

~new flatware (also necessary)

~window treatments for the windows and huge sliding glass door

~new sliding glass door (hahahahaha!)

~reset windows (if my brother-in-law says it's easy, this gets bumped to the real list)

~for my kitties to be so wowed by the entire endeavour that they all get along

This just in: I have an assload of wine glasses.
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