Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Kitty relations are deteriorating. Tom is growing more energetic, more aggressive. He's a young cat; I believe this springs from wanting to play. Trouble is, the older girls are bearing the brunt of it. It's come to the point where they're too freaked out to go downstairs to use the litterbox. This is bad. Very, very bad.

I don't know what to do. Throwing Tom back outside is not an option. He's not a bad cat, he's just very large, energetic and young. If the older girls run, he's going to chase. He actually tackled Jilly last night. She has a scratch on her nose and she hid in our bedroom ALL DAY. Isabeau's hiding in the basement most of the time, and her digestive system is a mess.

At this point, our options are narrowing to 1. find a new home for the boy (and good luck there) and 2. declaw and chill-out meds (if I can get a vet to agree and if I can bring myself to be so harsh).

This is not cool.
Tags: kitties
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