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So much for veggie lasagna tonight.

I agreed to cover the 5:15 class, and while I was only supposed to be at the desk until seven, there was an invasion of children for the preteen class. There were six! new kids in addition to the five from last Thursday. That's six guest forms to fill out, six payments to record and process, six pairs of gloves to hand out... except for the bit where we only had three pairs in the front office. The rest were locked in Angela's office at the back of the gym. I spent the better part of the class texting and leaving voicemails for no less than three people in the hopes that someone would know if there was a spare key. Before you ask, the hinges were too rusty for me to work the pins free. Had I a hammer or screwdriver or anything more substantial than a plastic ruler, I might have made it work. Fortunately Ang was there by the end of class, so I was able to give gloves to the three kids who'd had to just tap the bag whenever they were working on punches.

Then two kids from the week before signed up, and two of the newbies joined as well, so that was four contracts to be filled out and four payments to be logged and processed. Everyone had questions. Kids were bouncing off the walls. There were two new people for the 7:30 class, so they were filling out their own guest sheets and asking their own questions. Since there was no way I'd leave Janis, who's teaching the preteen group, to deal with that chaos on her own, I stuck around until 7:40. I also, with her okay, had hopped into the kids class to give her whatever assistance she needed. Not that that was a hardship; the kids were a lot of fun.

I'm home at last, and I've cleaned the litter boxes and played with HT and brought firewood inside. I think I can scrounge a salad and a Boboli pizza. The veggie lasagna's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, wait - I'm teaching the 6:15, which means I wouldn't even get it in the oven until 7:30 at best. Right, then; the veggie lasagna's going to have to wait until Thursday.

In other news: cramps, and lots of 'em. Thanks, body!
Tags: food, kickboxing, stupid body
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