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Oh, the baking I intended to do today! I've at least three things on deck (four if you count the bread I keep saying I'm going to attempt, but as I've been telling myself that for about six months I think I ought to count it as half-intended, at best) but other things got in the way. Vacuuming my living room, for one. Laundry. Removing a dead shrew from the prancy paws of my one-eyed kitty. Chopping kindling, refilling the wood rack and cleaning out the wood stove. Phototherapy. Grocery shopping. Pretending there was even the slightest chance I'd make it to a kickboxing class.

To make up for the lack of baking, I shifted my intentions to general cookery. I was all set to make veggie lasagna* and multigrain garlic bread and a salad of awesomeness (and greens) when my dearest called to tell me he might be home very late. Bah. I'll wait until tomorrow for what would have been tonight's meal and instead put together something fairly quick and light for this evening. I have chicken sausage I need to use up, and since I recently reorganized my pantry I know I have lentils. I'm thinking grilled, sliced chicken sausage over warm lentils tossed with a vinaigrette with mixed greens on the side. Or maybe I'll plop the whole thing on top of the greens. Oh, yeah. I'm a rebel.

Though tonight's dinner has been, as noted, set aside until tomorrow, I did make a batch of marinara sauce for the lasagna. I have plenty of jarred sauce (as in: "store-bought sauce in glass containers," not: " sauce that has been struck or shaken violently") in the pantry, but it's a bit embarrassing to be a competent, perhaps even decent, cook and not make my own sauce. This way I get the added bonus of controlling exactly what goes into the mix. I'm looking at you, crazy amounts of sugar in commercial sauces.

I'd best put that pot of lentils on; they may be a bit old, so I'm not counting on them to cook up too quickly.

*hey, harpiegirl4 - any chance of you sharing your triumphant recipe with me? if not, I'm all set to cobble one together. no worries!
Tags: baking, food
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