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A few years ago, I received a crockpot.* It might have been my sister's bright idea. It might have been my mom's. It's unlikely it was my dad's. He was still rather keen on supplying me with stacks and stacks of Williams Sonoma dishtowels... not that I'm complaining; they're outstanding. Thing is, they hold up well past the stain threshold. I really ought to think about retiring some of those bad boys...

But enough on dishtowels; my point is this: I found myself in possession of a crockpot.* As it happened, I'd recently moved into a tiny house with a tiny kitchen and ridiculously tiny counterspace, so the crockpot* spent a considerable span of time languishing in my equally tiny attic.

Then, something very strange happened. On a cool autumn day, I ventured up the creaky/scary fold-down stairs into my tiny attic. I was looking for a bin of sweaters, I think, or extra blankets, when lo! a stray shaft of light fell upon a a solitary and somewhat dusty box. I swear I heard the faint strains of heavenly choirs (though, on further reflection, it may well have been the kitties yowling at one another as they bounced about in the basement). "Jinkies!" thought I. "This bears further investigation!" Whereon I brought the box down, opened it up and placed the crockpot* upon my ridiculously tiny counter where it sat, unused, for another year.

Then I thought to actually use this contrivance to - brace yourselves! - cook things. I started off easy: chicken and white bean chili. Stepped it up to spiced pinto beans. Beef stew. Pork shoulder. Pot roast. AN ENTIRE CHICKEN! Crikey! I thought to myself! This contraption is bloomin' brill! How could I ever have doubted? From whence had my worries - "my house will burn to it's foundation if I leave the crockpot* unattended!," or, "cook meat slowly for eight hours? are you MAD!?" - sprung?

I'm just wondering, flist, how many of you make use of a crockpot* (or similar device)? Do you use it grudgingly, or with some house-burning-down fear? Are you cool with leaving it on when you're out of the house? And most importantly, what kick ass recipes can you share with me?

*or should I say slow cooker? what's the difference? seriously. if you've an answer, please share.

ETA: apparently 'Crockpot' is a trademark.

And that's one to grow on.

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