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on a Crimson Pirates note...

Had a rather wonderful rehearsal today. It's a bit sad to be the weakest voice in the ensemble, but it is what it is. Still, we got five!!! new songs up on their feet. I'm playing conga on one of them, which stresses me no end. I've not studied hand drum methods and rhythms so I'm sort of feeling/faking my way through. If nothing else, I can nail a downbeat like it's my job and hold a steady tempo. So there's that.

What really makes me grinning-bouncy-shiny Kelly is that we're doing another one of my songs. I wrote it a million or so years ago. We had tried to find music for it, to no avail. A day or so ago, though, Robin was hit with the inspiration stick and found chords and a sweet, simple melody and lo! the CPs have another original song on deck. Of course, I'm now second guessing the writing, fearful it's maudlin or sappy or twee. barleymash would tell me were that the case, and he insists it's none of those things, so I really ought to take him at his word.

The eep! factor here is that I'll be singing lead. And it's not a gritty, growly 'Tom O' Bedlam,' where I can get away with not having a pretty voice. Bugger.

note to self: write a freakin' happy song. you are not allowed to write another tragic tale of love lost to war or to the uncaring sea until you've cobbled together a piece about gleefully drinking oneself to sickness and the brotherhood that inspires. or possibly a song about an innocent lad in a whorehouse, whack fol the nonny-oh.
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