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Today's to-do list was mighty. I, on the other hand, was not. Cramps stole my willpower, so I came home early and snuggled my one-eyed kitty. I also did laundry, hauled wood, chopped kindling and prepped dinner, none of which were as comforting as the kitty snuggling.

There is a Project on the horizon. I'll let you know more as it unfolds, but I think I'm going to use said Project as an excuse to learn Photoshop Elements AND start getting a grip on how to properly use my digital camera.

Completely unrelated but adorable: the other day, three deer were curled up in the woods behind my house. A fourth stood watch. They were still there when I got back from the gym nearly two hours later. I do love where I live.
Tags: home stuff, my camera intimidates me, wildlife
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