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14 January 2009 @ 06:20 pm
My house is a bit of a mess. Specifically, my office is a complete disaster, but since it's bloody freezing out there, I'm not going to fuss over it until spring. As to the rest of it, I need to buckle down and have a thorough 'go through everything and discard unwanted/unused/unnecessary items' day. Or week, more like. It's only then I can start to think about organizing everything else.

Thing is, I'm an utter failure at keeping things tidy. Clean, yes. That I can do. Uncluttered? Not so much.

I made a start of it today, on the house and on myself: sorted out the recycling. Did a load of laundry and put away clean linens that have been sitting atop the dryer for weeks. Bought a pair of tweezers and shaped my eyebrows (which might be more notable had I ended up with even remotely identical shapes). Trimmed my bangs (if you tilt your head, they look even). Chopped kindling, Ingallsed the inside log rack, cleaned out the wood stove. Stacked papers with recipe snippets and ideas next to the folder full of same.

I know it doesn't seem much. It's all about gathering momentum. Today my bangs, tomorrow fully organized closets!
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Ratesjul: somewhere out thereratesjul on January 15th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
Photos: Next time you get bored, start putting them in a scrapbook or an album.
Of course, that doesn't solve the "what to do with the scrapbook and all the other fun things I buy to put in them" problem, but it's a start...

Most of your stuff is books because you're so darned wonderful. :)